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About Us

Introduction of Everestweek

Everestweek (www.everestweek.com) is the online news portal. It was started since 2077 B.S. (2020 AD) Everestweek is operated by Redpanda News Network Pvt. Ltd. which is continuously contributing in the field of Nepali Online Journalism. In this Online News Portal, the News contents are published in three different languages including Nepali, English and Hindi. Here the news contents are even produced and broadcasted in the podcast and multimedia.

Everestweek has office in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.

Everestweek has been publishing news contents including national, international, news, opinion, analysis, politics, tourism, interview, sports, entertainment, health, science and information technologies.

Everestweek has been established as a Nepal’s news portal with huge number of readers and followers in a short period of time. This portal is registered in 2116 number in Information and Broadcasting Department. Along with this, it is registered in Press Council Nepal and Office of Company Registrar.

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